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- LF 125KHz Card
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- Rewritbale Surface Card
- RFID Wood Card
- Cashless Payment Systems
- RFID Blocking Cards
- RFID Keyfob
- RFID Wristbands
- Animal Tag
- RFID Epoxy Keyfob
- Laundry Tag
- Anti-Metal Label
- RFID Tire Tag
- RFID Coin Tag/Disc Tag
- RFID Label With Adhesive
- Self Destructible Label
- RFID Jewelry Label
- UHF Washable Label
- Fragil Anti-tamper Label
- Fabric Laundry Tag
- Polyimide Inlay Tag
- FPC RFID Inlay
- Cartoon RFID Tag
- RFID Security Seals
- Brick Tag (Wedge Tag)
- Flexible RFID Tag
- Mifare Metal Tag
UHF Metal Tag
- Flexible UHF Metal Label
- High temperature Metal Tag
- FR4 UHF Metal Tag
- Mini UHF Metal Tag
- UHF Ceramic Tag
- Long Distance UHF Metal Tag
Smart Card
- Contact IC Card
- Java Card/JCOP Card
- EMTG97-3 Card
RFID Inlay
- RFID Prelam Sheet
- Large Format RFID Inlay
- HF Inlay & Antenna
- UHF Inlay & Antenna
- NFC Smart Ring
RFID Reader
- OPD01 Desktop RFID Reader
- OPD02 Desktop RFID Reader
- OPD03 Desktop RFID Reader
- OPD04 Desktop RFID Reader
- OPD06 Desktop RFID Reader
- OPD07 Desktop RFID Reader
- ISO14443A Reader/Writer
- ISO15693 Reader/Writer
- ACR122U NFC Reader
- ACR38 Smart Card Reader
- OPP9918 Handheld Reader
- OPX10 Handheld Reader
- OPP101 UHF Fixed Reader
- OP401 UHF Fixed Reader
- OP801 UHF Fixed Reader
- OP1601 UHF Fixed Reader
- Industrial Tablet PC
- Industrial PDA OP9908
- 8dpi UHF RFID Reader
- 12dbi UHF RFID Reader
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RFID Application

About Mifare
    The technology is embodied in both cards and readers (also referred to as a Proximity Coupling Device which is suitable to use). The MIFARE name covers seven different kinds of contactless cards...


RFID Antomatic Garment Management Project
    In traditional industries such as clothing, electronics and other industries, the manufacturing management cost of each product is becoming higher and higher. In order to improve the management efficiency of enterprises and optimize the enterprise management process, it has become an effective way to improve the production efficiency through information transformation...

RFID Intelligent Test Paper Management System
    In this era of informatization, networking and intelligence, how to use modern technical tools and management means to establish a set of safe and efficient test paper management mechanism and method for China's examination is an urgent issue to be solved in the reform of educational examination...

Detailed RFID Warehouse Management System Solutions
    As the most central technology in the Internet of Things, RFID is also the most widely used in warehousing logistics supply chain management. Use RFID for warehouse management, realize automatic identification, information sharing and tracking, greatly improve operational efficiency in warehouse management and inventory use...

8 Common Forms and Applications of UHF RFID Tags
    In recent years, due to the continuous deepening of people's cognition of RFID technology and the continuous reduction of application costs, RFID has continued to accelerate its penetration in all walks of life...

Active RFID becomes big business
    All types of active tag are covered, from semi-passive ones which cannot initiate a signal but often manage sensors to semi active and fully active types which can...

About the Intelligent Library System
    The Intelligent Library System (ILS) speeds up the materials checkout process by providing a swift, one-step motion for issuing materials, simultaneously updating the information in the library's circulation system and electronically deactivating security...

Marines to Deploy Portable RFID Solution
    August 22, 2005 -- The U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command has placed an initial order for 100 mobile RFID kits from Savi Technology Inc. for deployment in Southwest Asia.The Portable Deployment Kit is an RFID "solution-in-a-case" for field operations...

RFID Use in Hospitals to Rise Despite Obstacles
    Results from a recent survey show that a disconnect between hospitals, vendors and suppliers is keeping out RFID. However, some RFID applications are making headway.Uncoordinated efforts between hospitals, vendors, shippers and suppliers...

Smart Tagging and Smart Packaging in Healthcare
    Every year over three million children under the age of five die of food-related illnesses, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). The US National Pharmaceutical Council states that non-compliance with medication causes 125,000 deaths...

RFID Applications in Supply Chain Management
    Today, the largest RFID application aids companies and governments in supply chain management. RFID is being used to manage products through production, distribution and retail. Manufacturers can especially benefit from implementing RFID applications...

RFID for Oil and Gas
    As anyone in the oil and gas business knows, the failure of a single piece of on-site equipment can cause drilling to come to an abrupt – and costly – halt...

RFID for Health Care
    In a health care setting, high-value assets must be sterilized frequently. This presents a conundrum for those tasked with keeping track of those assets...

RFID for Asset Management
    Automating tracking of returnable containers and other high-value assets allows manufacturers to effectively and efficiently track the location of critical parts...

RFID for Yard Management
    Asset tracking in distribution centers, terminal yards, seaport yards and laydown yards – both civilian and military – is a challenging proposition...

RFID for Medical Devices
    Few products must be more carefully tracked than medical devices and medical instruments. For both patient safety and regulatory compliance, it is essential that every device...

RFID for Data Centers
    Pressure is rapidly mounting on CIOs, IT staffers and data center managers to enhance the security of their IT assets, increase regulatory compliance, improve auditing procedures...

RFID for Manufacturing
    Industrial environments – like manufacturing plants, mines, refineries, power generation plants and warehouses – can be chaotic places. Assets come and go...

RFID for Aerospace
    Aircraft are inspected and repaired according to strict schedules; knowing that critical maintenance actually occurred is absolutely critical. Likewise, it is important to...

RFID Bracelet(wristband) Application
    With the rapid development of RFID technology, RFID wristband is playing a more and more important role in efficient and secure access control as well as payment for miscellaneous applications...
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