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>> RFID System Application >> RFID Intelligent Management Library System

Advantages of Intelligent Management Library System Based On RFID Technology

For many years, the library's book search and collection inventory are time-consuming and cumbersome, the books are difficult to be shelved and arranged, the magnetic stripe is easy to be degaussed, the labor intensity is high, and the anti-theft effect is poor, which has been plagued by the library's managers and staff.
RFID intelligent management library system can realize automatic inventory, self-service borrowing and returning, automatic sorting, reliable anti-theft and other management functions, effectively improve the way of book management, improve work efficiency, and reduce the work intensity of staff.

RFID library management system
RFID intelligent library management systems includes a series of automatic management systems, such as librarian service system, chip conversion system, self-service borrowing system, self-service return system, collection inventory system, anti-theft security system and so on. Every book is labeled with RFID Book tags(RFID Self Adhesive Labels), and RFID inspection machine is installed at the exit of the library. When someone leaves the library with books without borrowing records, the RFID Security door will sound an alarm.
Advantages of RFID library over traditional library:
1. Simplify the borrowing process and improve the circulation efficiency
The barcode borrowing and returning process still needs to manually open the book title page and find the barcode position before scanning the barcode. Such an operation process is cumbersome and inefficient, and the barcode is easy to wear or fall off, which will further affect the efficiency of borrowing and returning books, and also affect readers' satisfaction with the library.
RFID can place multiple books in the range of RFID readers/writer to realize one-time borrowing or returning, which is several times the efficiency of bar code operation, and greatly improves the efficiency.
2. Greatly reduce the workload of book inventory and search
Relying on manual book inventory work, especially the inventory of bookshelves is too heavy and inefficient. Librarians rely on their own memory to classify and record books, which is time-consuming, laborious and difficult to achieve the goal.
RFID technology can non-contact, quickly read multiple tags, combined with the inventory car and shelf tags, it can easily achieve inventory, along the shelf, out of shelf clearance and other work. At the same time, when it is on the shelf, it can also plan the correct position to place books according to the display screen on the electronic inventory car.
3. Reduce management costs and improve staff satisfaction
Traditional libraries need more people to check, place books, and have enough people at the counter. The work of the library is already heavy, coupled with years of repetitive work, staff will have some negative attitudes, resulting in a decline in staff satisfaction with the work of the library.
RFID library introduces RFID system, which does not need too many staff. A lot of work can be handed over to RFID system. At the same time, it also liberates the staff from the heavy daily work of the library, and improves the work efficiency and mental outlook of the staff.

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