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>> RFID Application >> Development And Application Of Intelligent Logistics Pallet Based On Rfid Technology

Development And Application Of Intelligent Logistics Pallet Based On Rfid Technology

1. Design and development of new pallet in intelligent logistics pallet system
The traditional pallets used in China are mostly wooden pallets and plastic pallets, and paper pallets and metal pallets are rare. With the concept of green development deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, new material pallets produced with new environmental protection materials and moulded pallets recycled from waste plastics will become the future stars of the pallet industry. In the selection of manufacturing materials, the new pallet used in the intelligent logistics pallet system will adhere to the concept of green and environmental protection, and promote the emerging development trend of "plastic instead of steel and plastic instead of wood" in the pallet industry And a large number of new environmental protection materials and mixed materials of waste plastic recycling and reuse are used to manufacture green and environmentally friendly new trays, and strive to save more than 30% of the cost compared with ordinary injection molding trays to ensure that they can be recycled. At the same time, it can be free from fumigation, disinfection and plant immunity in international trade, which conforms to international standards. In the shape and structure design, the RFID chip placement box needs to be reserved for the new tray in the intelligent logistics tray system during the molding process. The RFID chip placement box shall be surrounded by the tray support feet and protected by reinforcing ribs. The RFID chip placement box is located in the four corners of the tray. Considering the actual production needs, it is necessary to ensure that the tray structure design is detachable and convenient for the installation and disassembly of the RFID module.
2. Design of new pallet RFID module in intelligent logistics pallet system
The intelligent logistics pallet system is to apply the Internet of things technology to the conventional pallet. By embedding RFID modules in the pallet, including RFID Anti-metal Label and antennas, and using a single weak power supply device on the tag, it can continuously provide power for more than 10 years. In addition, the existing RFID tags are also powered by 8500ma lithium-ion batteries. The RFID module includes two main control chips, one of which is in a sleep state in order to save power consumption. It is usually waked up by command. The main function is to collect the base station information through 4G or 5g communication and then transmit the data through the network platform. The other chip exchanges data through Bluetooth and operation. At the end points of logistics transportation, warehousing, distribution, circulation processing and other operation links, the RFID reader is used to wirelessly connect and read the data in the chip, and the data can also be written and exchanged.
3. New pallet operation method in intelligent logistics pallet system
Embedding RFID tags into intelligent logistics pallets is to digitally "enable" the pallets with the minimum cost to realize the serialization and digitization of pallets. The RFID tag can also be replaced with a Bluetooth electronic beacon, and the cellular network system or the narrowband Internet of things system can be used to realize the automatic collection and transmission of logistics information and cargo information. Finally, it can be read at the logistics endpoint through one-dimensional code, RFID and NFC. In the process of data transmission, pallet and cargo information can be bound to form a logistics unit information in the process of reel transportation. The trays can also be interconnected through Bluetooth to form a tray group information. In the process of logistics operation, if a pallet RFID tag fails, it can be connected to the associated pallet tag to track the information of the failed pallet, so that it can protect the goods in the logistics process.

RFID Logistics Pallet


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