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>> RFID Application >> Timing System Of Track And Field Competition Based On Rfid Technology

Timing System Of Track And Field Competition Based On Rfid Technology

With the progress of modern science and technology, a large number of advanced technologies have been introduced into track and field competitions. The application of electronic timing equipment in track and field competitions is more and more obvious.
In large-scale sports games, most of the timing systems used are high-definition stroboscopic camera timing systems. The operation is complex and expensive, and not all the organizers or institutions can afford it. However, in some small and medium-sized sports games and physical training assessment, it is necessary to record the time and ranking of the examiners from the starting point to the end point. Generally, the traditional manual stopwatch timing method is adopted, with large error, which restricts the development of mass sports.
With the development of science and technology, RFID timing technology has emerged, which is used for the timing circle of physical training and can effectively cooperate with the examination timing. The professional sports chip timing system has unparalleled advantages for competitions with large number of athletes, complex competition environment and high requirements for competition results. It not only saves a lot of manpower for the organizer, but also provides the most accurate performance report and the most valuable data analysis in a short time.
Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, also known as radio frequency identification, is a communication technology that can identify specific targets and read and write relevant data through radio signals without establishing mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and specific targets.

RFID timing system
RFID technology used in track and field competition has the characteristics of rapid response, accurate timing, convenient use, low cost and easy to promote. The RFID track and field timing system is composed of a starting gun wireless signal transmitter, a terminal RFID identification device(RFID readers), an RFID tag(related products), a terminal information processing computer, an athlete database and an information processing system.
When the sports timing chip carried by the athlete passes through the timing carpet, the carpet antenna sends the received response signal of the sports timing chip to the reading head connected with it, and the reading head records the current time and the relevant information of the chip, that is, the timing function is completed. The competition results can be displayed in real time, and the referee or training organizer can view, edit and print the results through the sports timing system software installed on the computer.
It has always been a big problem to accurately record the number of laps traveled by each examiner. For many years, it has been the referees who record by manually placing chessboards and manually drawing tables. In addition to consuming a lot of manpower and material resources, there are also inevitable human errors, which affect the accuracy of the results. In order to accurately judge the ranking and achievements of the examiners and ensure the openness, fairness and impartiality of the achievements. Love timing combines advanced radio frequency identification technology to develop a professional sports automatic timing and lap counting system suitable for middle and long distance running in track and field competitions.
System composition: electronic timing start system, timing carpet, plate-shaped antenna, timing host, timing chip label of examiner, timing management software.
a) Starting point: it is composed of an electronic starting system, including a wireless electronic starting gun, a speaker and a loudspeaker, and an electronic starting host
b) Monitoring points: RFID electronic timing host, timing carpet, plate antenna (there can be multiple monitoring points or no monitoring points)
c) End point: RFID electronic timing host, timing carpet, plate antenna, wireless router, timing management software, computer
Implementation principle: the system adopts advanced RFID technology, computer information processing and other high and new technologies combined with physical training assessment, which is convenient for the assessment personnel to carry without affecting their status.
Before the competition, the registration office will input the information of the examiners into the terminal database and write it into the RFID tag. The wireless electronic starting system controls the loudspeaker to send the starting instruction. Meanwhile, the electronic timing host device synchronously receives the starting instruction and starts timing.
During the competition, when the examiner wears the RFID timing chip tag and passes through the timing carpet and plate-shaped antenna, the reader / writer antenna can immediately detect the passing tag information, and the RFID reader/writer sends the read information to the connected computer. The computer obtains the relevant information of the examiner and uses special software to process the information. The system software will correspond the collected tag information with the corresponding athlete information and make statistics of the competition situation, so as to realize the purpose of automatic lap counting and automatic timing of long-distance events.
In addition to the timing carpet, plate-shaped antenna, timing host, etc. at the end of the race, additional timing equipment such as a clock and a score display screen will be placed to facilitate the examiner to check the test time, the number of laps and the test results at any time.
By changing the position of the starting point, monitoring point and end point, the RFID timing system can adapt to the timing and lap counting of different distance middle and long distance races in track and field competitions.


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