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>> RFID System Solution >> RFID Intelligent Weighing Identification System

RFID Intelligent Weighing Identification System is Suitable for Cattle Breeding

Cattle raising has always been the focus of animal husbandry. In recent years, people's demand for beef has surged. Therefore, the farm has begun to expand the scale of breeding year by year. Through regular weighing and analysis of cattle, different feed formulas are used to meet the needs of cattle at different growth stages. Among them, the grouping in the fattening stage and the timing of cattle slaughtering are closely related to the weight of cattle. Therefore, the demand for the intelligent weighing identification/beef cattle weighing and slaughtering system is gradually increasing in cattle farms, which is used to solve the problems of pasture weighing and grouping and slaughtering on time, and realize the refined breeding and incremental breeding of cattle. Through the introduction of modern technology - RFID Intelligent Weighing Identification System, it is convenient to manage cattle herds, improve work efficiency and reduce breeding costs.

RFID Intelligent Weighing Identification System for Cattle


1. What is the RFID intelligent weighing identification system?
This system is mainly composed of cow ear tag, application software, load cell, RFID electronic ear tag identifier, dynamic weighing control instrument and computer (industrial control touch screen).
When the cattle pass the intelligent weighing and sorting, the system will automatically identify the electronic ear tags, collect the weight data, and upload it to the ERP system through the industrial control touch screen to realize the automatic sorting of cattle.
2. RFID System composition and application
2.1 RFID animal ear tag
As a carrier of cattle identity information, animal ear tags are mainly used to associate each recorded body weight data with cattle identity information. Managers only need to enter the number of cattle ear tags to easily view the changes in cattle weight.
2.2 RFID application software
The application software mainly displays cattle identity and weight data information, and at the same time connects to the ranch-related information management system.
2.3 RFID weighing platform channel
The weighing sensor is installed at the bottom of the channel of the weighing platform. When the cow is weighed daily, the weighing sensor will read the data of the cow's weight and display it on the touch screen, and upload the data to the software system at the same time.
2.4 RFID electronic ear tag identifier
Install the panel-type electronic ear tag identifier at the exit of the Baoding frame (installed according to the wearing direction of the cow ear tag). When the cow is weighed, it will automatically identify the cow's identity, and upload the weight information to the application software in combination with the weighing sensor. For this application, the different sizes of RFID ear identification readers can solve the installation requirements of different sizes of restraint racks.
3. Practical application, click to view the video
Cattle Weighing System
4. The advantages of RFID system
Modern cattle farms use RFID intelligent weighing identification/beef cattle weighing and staging system, which can not only realize automatic group management according to body weight data, but also monitor the change and trend of cattle body weight, realize the refined breeding of beef cattle, and reduce manpower at the same time. Improve the efficiency of daily work management; in the face of the increasing gap between beef supply and demand, incremental breeding can be effectively achieved and benefits can be steadily increased.
In terms of cattle Baoding, ear tag wearing, drug administration, epidemic prevention, and treatment can be performed on cattle in Baoding District, which reduces the difficulty of daily work. In the case of cow management, fetal monitoring and midwifery work can be completed more easily.
5. Typical application scenarios of RFID
Information management of medium and large pastures, animal husbandry applications such as beef cattle, dairy cows, calves, and sheep.

* Any question or inquiry about RFID animal tags and RFID related products, please send email to info@oprfid.com, we will reply you within 24 hours, thanks

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