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>> RFID System Solution >> RFID Technology Helps The Unmanned Management of Archives

RFID Technology Helps The Unmanned Management of Archives

In view of the problems of low intelligence of archives room and warehouse, mutual independence of various systems, and inability to share data resources, which lead to cumbersome and inefficient workflow of archives management and prone to loss or damage events, enterprises now adopt intelligent unmanned archives warehouse to facilitate archives management and improve archives efficiency.
The intelligent unmanned archives warehouse uses the combination of automatic control technology, RFID automatic identification technology and background database management system to realize the real-time monitoring and inventory of archives by scanning the archives pasted with passive RFID tags. Intelligent unmanned archives warehouse takes the lead in introducing cantilever manipulator, which greatly improves the efficiency and stability of archives access. Open archives rack is adopted, and the archives access operation is completed by manipulator and conveyor belt. When storing files, by identifying the RFID information of the files, the transmission device transmits the stored files to the corresponding file rack, and the manipulator grabs the files to realize the automatic shelving of the files. When retrieving files, by identifying the storage location and RFID information of the files, the manipulator grabs the target files and places them on the transmission device. The transmission device transmits the files to the file retrieval port, and the staff takes the files from the file retrieval port to realize the automatic removal of the files from the shelf.
The construction of intelligent archives warehouse management platform builds a flexible architecture through advanced IT technology to realize the construction of intelligent unmanned archives warehouse management platform, and uses storage system and database technology to realize the real-time monitoring and recording of archives storage status and access events throughout the time; Use data exchange technology to realize information exchange and interoperability with the existing cadre management system and archives management information system. We will spare no effort to build a trinity of "civil air defense, technical defense, and material defense" file security prevention system and a fully traceable, intelligent, integrated, and visual intelligent unmanned file warehouse management platform to achieve safe, intelligent, efficient, and fast custody of personnel files.

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