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Cashless Payment Systems

cash cards

Due to an abundance of cost-saving and revenue-generating benefits, many festivals and live events are now looking to adopt cashless payment systems, which are proven to increase spend per head by between 16-31%, depending on the event. With fast transaction times, they offer a speedy and convenient way to spend.

Cashless Payment Key benefits include:
Making cashless payment more convenient, more secure and more profitable
1. Increased revenue, resulting from ease of spending
2. More accurate customer profiling for more effective marketing
3. Reduced staff and money-handling demands, due to automation
4. A NFC platform for additional applications (access control, electronic lockers, networked fitness, and more)
5. Reduced queuing times at all point-of-sale stations

Cashless Payment Systems Application
Pos system for game room, Entertainment, Arcade game and so on

Cashless Payment Systems Solutions
At oprfid.com, we offer a robust cashless payment solution which is revolutionizing the live events industry by adding security and simplicity for the event promoters and convenience and ease of use to customers attending. Our cashless solution offers the following value added services:
A custom Point-of-Sale system for each event vendor
Daily vendor reports
Advanced top-up when customers buy their tickets online, or onsite during the event
Comprehensive sales reports
Customer refunds either on site, online, or both
On-device statistics to monitor sales
On site customer service tools providing full transparency

* Any question or inquiry about RFID card and RFID related products, please send email to info@oprfid.com, we will reply you within 24 hours, thanks
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       Instead of cash (Cashless payment), a payment card (similar to a loyalty card) is used as method of payment. Near field communications (NFC), the latest in technology, is used. Even banks are starting to make use of NFC. It's quick, safe and gives insight in consumer patterns. The transaction time is also less than with a normal debit or credit card.