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>> RFID System Solution >> MES Manufacturing Management System Based on RFID Technology

MES Manufacturing Management System Based on RFID Technology

Through the integration of RFID and MES information technology, MES system analysis can simultaneously collect and integrate the real-time production and operation data of workshop production activities in a timely, comprehensive and detailed manner through RFID technology. So how does MES system effectively use RFID technicians to collect research data?

rfid mes system
1. Application advantages of RFID Technology:
1.1 RFID tags have small coverage area, good shape and can be reused.
1.2 Each RFID tag has a unique ID number, which is not easy to be used by others and has high security.
1.3 The use of RFID tags can be free from the influence of social environment, light, etc., with fast recognition speed and flexible methods.
1.4 A large amount of information storage can realize the simultaneous recognition of multiple labels.
2.The application of RFID data acquisition in MES system is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
2.1 Equipment management
The operator can check the equipment and its location by reading the information on the tag, maintain or repair the equipment, and then update the RFID tag with the latest data, which helps to improve the value of the equipment, optimize the performance of the equipment, and maximize the utilization of the equipment.
Using RFID technology can realize the real-time data and information collection of MES system, so as to realize the fine control of MES system on the production workshop of modern enterprises, comprehensively develop and improve the overall work and learning efficiency of manufacturing industry and the level of manufacturing cost management ability.
2.2 Quality management
Through RFID middleware technology, MES system can provide real-time updated data flow, automatically collect product identification, physical attributes, order number and other information, correctly deliver assembly parts to the designated area through quality tracking and comparison of work history documents, and ensure the correct use of labor, machines, tools and components, so as to realize paperless production management of MES system and help enterprises reduce downtime. Improve the energy efficiency of production quality management.
2.3 Planning and scheduling
In the implementation and deployment of the microcomputer system project, through the deployment of radio frequency identification technology equipment on machine tools and other machining equipment, radio frequency identification technology can provide the running time, available state, performance characteristics and technical parameters of the equipment for the microcomputer system, tool equipment and production. Therefore, the system can combine the product specification table with the utilization of existing equipment to realize the real-time planning and scheduling of the workshop.
2.4 Product tracking
MES system uses RFID to realize comprehensive tracking from raw materials to final products. As long as the parts enter the production line or reach the completion area, RFID technology can automatically record the process, equipment, operator number and processing time, so as to avoid inaccurate or wrong data caused by manual data input, barcode scanning and other operations. one

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