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  Our advantage:
I.More than 10 years working experience on the RFID card making which had professional management and sales experience in RFID products
II.Quality is our final goal, our company has followed international ISO9001,ROHS and SGS system, we strictly for quality control management, so as to ensure quality products.
III.We offer you superior customer service any time... [more]
  Our Products & Service
OPRFID Technologies is able to offer a full range of RFID smart card solutions.Our services cover the production of:
Smart Card
RFID Inlay
RFID Reader
Plastic Card
Cleaning Card
* What the differences between the passive RFID tag and active rfid tags?
* OPRFID Brings a Complete Range of Smart Card Solution for Modern Businesses.
* What are NFC Tags ?
* A brief introudction of RFID standards
* Silicone RFID Wristband Bracelet
* Java Chip & Jave Card
* Mifare 1k Card
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Choose RFID Card and Smart card from Oprfid.com

      Oprfid.com is a professional RFID Card and nfc tags manufacturer in China.We can provides many types of RFID Cards,RFID tag and smart card with various frequency in different shapes,Our diverse rfid products will meet different needs of fields.We also provide custom design for the special requirement of different rfid applications.

What kind of RFID products and services we can supply?

     As a professional RFID card and nfc tags manufacturer in China,OPRFID is dedicated to the development of RFID Card,RFID Tag,NFC Tag,Smart Card,ID card,relative facilities and application systems.We can provide the following products:RFID Card,Access card,Identification card,Mifare cards,Mifare 1k cards,Smart cards, RFID Tag, RFID label,Mifare 1k, UHF label,Key fob,Cheap business cards,Contact IC cards,UHF tag,UHF label,Chip cards,Lanyard, Laundry tag, SLE66R35,Hybrid card, Dual Frequency card,SLE5542 cards,EM4102 cards,EM4100 cards, SLE4442 cards, SLE4428 cards, Hitag 1, Mifare Ultralight,Mifare 4k,Mifare desfire 4k, Mifare desfire 8k,Mifare desfire EV1, mifare desfire 8k EV1,UCODE EPC G2, AT24C16, AT24C64,RFID chip,RFID reader,Proximity card,Keychain tag,NFC Tag.We also provide rfid related products design service and rfid technology support.