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>> RFID Technology News >> Intelligent Car Parking Management System Based On RFID Technology

Intelligent Car Parking Management System Based On RFID Technology

First, briefly explain what RFID is. RFID is the abbreviation of radiofrequencyidentification in English, which is translated into Chinese. We are more familiar with RFID. This is a wireless communication technology, which can identify specific targets through radio signals, and then read and write relevant information, but it does not need to identify the mechanical or optical contact between the system and specific targets. Speaking of this, you should be curious, what is its use? Naturally, there are many uses. Let's talk about the application of RFID in intelligent parking lot management.
RFID intelligent parking management system

RFID parking system
At present, one of the mainstream technologies of RFID in parking lot intelligent management system is inductive IC card and image recognition. As a management method, it has the functions of infrared remote sensing door switch, anti-theft alarm and reverse positioning. The system accompanies it. Smart contact IC card, short-range smart RFID card, long-distance RFID, etc., the rise and development of new identification technology. It overcomes the shortcomings of magnetic card and bar code technology, and has the characteristics of long service life, convenient use, not easy to be damaged, high confidentiality, etc., which promotes the intelligent management of parking lot to a new height.
The management technology of inductive smart contact IC card plus image recognition supports long-distance and short-distance sensors, supports the working mode of permanent card and temporary card, and has the functions of automatic recognition, recording and storage, which can prevent the loss of funds. Because this technology is used with graphic comparison and IC card to achieve the purpose of anti-theft car.
RFID technology and intelligent parking lot system: safer and more reliable
In addition, there is a mainstream technology in the industry: contactless technology RF card identification technology. Inherited it. IC card technology has the advantages of high confidentiality and unforgeability, which saves the card swiping process and improves the recognition speed. Because this technology has no mobile mechanism in the recognition system, it eliminates jamming and improves the reliability of the system.
For toll parking lot, the reliability of identification system means the reliability of parking lot. Therefore, RFID contactless identification card has become an ideal identification technology in parking lot management system. According to the manufacture of identification card, non-contact identification card can be divided into backscatter card and acoustic surface wave card; According to the identification range, it can be divided into short-range RFID (radio frequency) cards and long-range RFID (radio frequency) cards.
The backscatter technology is selected for the short-range RFID card, and the recognition range is generally 0.3m ~ 0.6m. Due to the short identification distance, cardholders need to provide identification cards in front of card reading devices. Long distance. RF card adopts advanced surface acoustic wave technology, which expands the recognition range of the card, improves the recognition speed, and maximizes the advantages of non-contact recognition technology. Cards can be identified in a considerable range.
In addition, due to the choice of high-speed recognition technology, it can be recognized even in high-speed card reading devices. Many years of operation records show that its effective recognition rate is close to 100%.
Through the above two technologies, the intelligent parking lot management system can effectively prevent the destruction and influence of human factors on the parking lot management, realize the intelligent and scientific management of the parking lot in the construction property community, control the cost loss, improve the operation efficiency, and ensure the vehicle safety.
Management mechanism
Choose the "one car, one card, one location" management mechanism of the intelligent parking lot management system, that is, from the time the vehicle enters the parking lot to the time the vehicle drives out of the parking lot, all the information related to the vehicle is uniquely related to the ID related to the card. Through this unique ID number, we can unify the customer, vehicle type, license plate, vehicle color, vehicle entry and exit time, parking time, designated parking lot number, parking path, fees payable and other information in the database, Easy to query and store.
In this way, the data and information of the subsystem of charge management, parking guidance, vehicle identification and safety monitoring will be established on the same material platform, and all subsystems will be effectively integrated to become a unified intelligent parking lot management system.
Intelligent parking lot management system is a computer network composed of management system and channel identification system. Select the network communication protocol tcp/ip protocol. The system can effectively, accurately and intelligently identify, collect and record the data and information of system vehicles (vehicles with electronic license plates) and non system vehicles (vehicles without electronic license plates), and stop, submit and process them as needed. If necessary, it can be supplemented by corresponding manual control to avoid the impact of abnormal events (non system vehicles) and ensure that the system has efficient intelligent vehicle release capability.
For the intelligent parking lot system, it is required to be highly sensitive, adaptable to use, not too complex to install, and not affected by day and night, which can ensure the stable and reliable supervision of vehicles in any environment. The project application is convenient, maintenance free, and the cost should not be very high.
RFID equipment can communicate with electronic cards and store vehicle time, space information, card information and material processing center; Regular self inspection and fault self inspection of the system, and timely submit the equipment operation status to the system operation center for processing; After troubleshooting or power recovery, the system will restart automatically to ensure that the parking lot works normally and the material transmission is complete; Modularization of software structure; It can meet the interface requirements of traffic control system and monitoring system (entry, signal light, electronic scale, image capture, etc.).
The operation process of the parking lot management system is based on the process of customers' parking and picking up. The working process of the parking lot is always centered on the process of users' vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. Parking lot customers are generally divided into temporary customers and fixed users. When the vehicle enters and leaves the antenna communication area of the parking lot, the antenna exchanges dual materials with the on-board RFID card through microwave communication, reads the vehicle related information from the RFID card, automatically identifies the passive RFID card, and determines whether the car card is valid and legal. The lane control computer displays the license plate number and driver information corresponding to the RF card; The lane control system automatically stores the relevant information of time, vehicle and driver in the database, and the lane control computer makes the decision of release or prohibition according to the unique materials.
Compared with the traditional parking lot, the intelligent parking lot management system not only retains the functions of the traditional parking lot, but also improves the management media based on the original charging media, and selects RF card as the management media of the intelligent parking lot. Through the demand analysis, the functions of the intelligent parking lot management system are clarified, and the structural design drawings of the intelligent parking lot management system are given.
For the parking lot user group, analyze and design the workflow for temporary customers and fixed users to enter and leave the parking lot without parking.
With the progress of science and technology and the development of human civilization, intelligent parking lot management system is more and more widely used in residential communities, large commercial buildings and work units. People have higher and higher requirements for parking lot management, and there is an urgent need for better, automated, convenient and fast management methods.
Traditional parking lot management has many shortcomings, such as high management cost, high labor intensity, low service efficiency, serious capital loss, serious vehicle theft and so on. It can not guarantee the income of investors and the safety of parking vehicles, which seriously limits the development of parking lot business.
RFID intelligent parking system not only improves work efficiency, saves human and material resources, reduces operating costs, avoids staff charges for favoritism, but also makes the whole management system more secure and reliable. Including driver identification, vehicle image comparison, automatic parking guidance, vehicle entry and exit, parking space tracking record and charge management, vehicle information inquiry and printing at any time.

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