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>> RFID Technology News >> Military Vehicle Management System Based On RFID Technology

Military Vehicle Management System Based On RFID Technology

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, all aspects of social life can not be separated from information. The word "information war" has also entered people's eyes. In a military war, speed can determine life and death. In an emergency, the use of vehicles and the understanding of various vehicle conditions may determine the victory or defeat and improve efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to monitor and manage vehicles. The Internet of things industry is developing at a high speed. As one of its main application technologies, RFID technology is more and more widely used in various fields. There are many cases of RFID application and management of special vehicles. In line with the pursuit of the times, the military vehicle management system has been designed and developed. The system uses RFID technology to track and locate military vehicles in the barracks, ensure the logistics management of the military modernization construction, balance the contradiction between supply and demand, Improve management efficiency.

Military Vehicle Management System Based On RFID Technology

According to the actual needs of vehicle management in the army, the RFID system uses the military RFID technology to carry out the work of entering and exiting the barracks, positioning monitoring, and regular inventory of existing vehicles. The system is composed of RFID vehicle positioning identification tag, handheld reader, tag identification base station, background server, management software, etc. The vehicle RFID identification tag is generally installed at the windshield of the vehicle. It combines the GPS satellite information to obtain the geographic location, and transmits the information to the background system through the network to realize the real-time positioning function; An RFID identification base station is installed at the entrance and exit of the camp to manage the automatic registration of vehicle entry and exit information. In combination with the access control gate system, the vehicles in the camp are subject to safety management. Internal vehicles can be identified and released through the base station, and abnormal vehicles can be handled. The guard management personnel can also manually identify individual vehicles with handheld devices; According to the actual situation in the camp, a certain number of identification base stations shall be placed at appropriate positions. According to the actual road and area division, the signal of the base station in the camp shall be fully covered as far as possible to realize the vehicle positioning in the camp; When precise positioning is required in some key areas, the accurate source base station is added on the basis of base station coverage, and the accurate positioning is completed by using the active source location. The background management system and the server will analyze and store relevant information, and conduct analysis and identification, so as to realize vehicle management, monitoring, real-time positioning and other work.

Introduction to RFID system

RFID technology is fully combined with vehicle management, and RFID technology is applied to the management process of vehicle intelligent parking lot, so as to solve the following problems: 1. The traditional vehicle release mode of parking card swiping greatly improves the vehicle release efficiency and ensures the smooth passage of the entrance and exit of the parking lot; 2. Safety management of vehicles; 3. Master the real-time situation of vehicle starting and acceleration process; 4. Low battery alarm, etc. Through correct design and installation, vehicles can pass without stopping and interference on multiple lanes at the same time.

RFID vehicle warehousing

Each vehicle is equipped with a passive military electronic tag, which can realize long-distance data transmission;

When the vehicle reaches a distance of 0 ~ 80m from the garage exit, the reader / writer automatically reads the information on the label, and transmits the ID number on the label to the management machine through the network cable or serial port. The management machine calls out the corresponding ID number list from the database;

If it is matched, it will show that the vehicle belongs to the garage, and then the pole will be lifted. The system will automatically record the vehicle warehousing time and save it.

In order to make the use effect of the warehousing system better, we have made better logical interlocking between the vehicle label and the proximity switch, and better solved the problems of the original false pole lifting and multiple vehicles connecting after pole lifting.

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        Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, is a kind of automatic identification technology. It carries out non-contact two-way data communication through radio frequency, and uses radio frequency to read and write recording media (RFID electronic tags or RFID cards), so as to achieve the purpose of identification and data exchange. It is considered to be one of the most potential information technologies in the 21st century.