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>> NFC Tag :: nfc antenna

     The NFC Antenna is an accessory for the NFC Patch Kit. The antenna extender is designed to match the NFC modules included in the Google Nexus line of products. These include, but not limited to: Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10. These devices have the scan surfaces on the backside making it inconvenient in some applications. In conjunction with NFC Patch Kit, the antenna adds extra scan points allowing you to read tags in more than one location. With a proven reach of over 3ft, applications include many fixed deployments meant to capture engagement.
     Whether is be for loyalty campaigns, interactive advertising, payments, or access control, NFC Antennas are perfect for adding more scan points to your device. They can be bundled up 3 at a time to triple your scan surface. Put them all together or in different spots around your device.
     The global Near Field Communications (NFC) market is growing rapidly. In fact, in 2011 alone, 30 million NFC-equipped handsets shipped worldwide. Championed by mobile phone handset manufactures, the integration of NFC into phones allows for many new, exciting applications. These applications include using a mobile phone to make payments at the cash register and wirelessly transfering paperless receipts to your phone after a purchase. Not limited to phones, NFC technology is being integrated in security access and control systems, used for peer-to-peer file sharing applications, transit transportation payment systems, point of sale terminals and credential storage and exchange (such as electronics business cards).
     One of the major challenges of integrating NFC into a product´s system is having confidence the antenna will meet the requirements of the NFC standard required. As an antenna supplier, it is critical to understand these standards. When integrating an antenna, size, shape, and material selection is critical to the design-in process.

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        The functionality of the nfc antenna is not affected by it’s physical construction such as its thickness, which is why the ‘antennas’ within NFC tags can be very thin. However, the larger the antenna size around a powerful magnetic field, the better the performance.Smart phones don’t produce much ‘power’, so there’s a limit to the optimum size of antenna. As such, you often get a decreasing performance as the antenna gets larger than the optimum size.The weak point of an NFC tag is the bond – the connection point that joins the antenna and the tiny chip. His bond is likely to break if handled or bent too much.