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>> RFID Knowledge >> How to Use NFC

What Practical Scenarios Can NFC be Used?

NFC use As an RFID Tag Scanner
An NFC device can act as an RFID tag scanner, reading information embedded in form of RFID tags in media such as posters, billboards, brochures, leaflets, menus and other similar promotional or informative material. An example of this would be visiting a restaurant and scanning the menu card by touching your phone or tablet to it, to be presented with the link to an interactive, animated menu on your phone, with detailed descriptions of menu items, their reviews by other users and perhaps even videos of their preparation.
NFC use As a Debit/Credit Card Substitute
NFC makes it possible to replace your plastic money with your phone. Once the information that is usually carried in your credit card has been stored in your phone and made accessible via NFC, you can simply touch your phone to a terminal the way you scan your credit card, and make payments accordingly. This can make mobile ticketing and payments a breeze.
NFC use For Data Exchange
Two NFC-enabled phones can be made to exchange data after establishing a connection by bringing them within NFC's operation range. This can replace visiting cards, as you'll only need to touch your phone to that of someone else and your virtual business card can then be transferred to their device with one tap on the screen. Sharing photos and other media on your phone with others gets similarly easy.
NFC use For Bluetooth Pairing or WiFi Authentication
Pairing two Bluetooth devices to establish a connection involves navigating menus to enable Bluetooth, scan for a device, initiate pairing and enter the pass code on each device. With NFC, you will just need to bring the devices together to be automatically prompted to initiate Bluetooth pairing by a tap on each screen. The same can also apply to establishing a secure Wi-Fi connection.
Future Prospects
Apart from the above-mentioned applications of NFC which are already implemented and in use in certain regions of the world, the future prospects of this communication standard are also bright. Let's take a look at some of the ways NFC is bound to play a part in our lives in the years to come.
Personal Payments
In the not-too-distant future, NFC will enable you to give your daughter her pocket money simply by touching your smartphone to hers, choosing to transfer money and selecting an amount, which she can spend by using her phone as her debit/credit card substitute at the café, as explained above.
Keyless Security
Your NFC-enabled mobile device will act as the key to the locks on your car, your safe and your house. Though to ensure no one else can use your phone to gain access, NFC will only act as initiating the unlocking mechanism, which will have to be verified by facial, iris or retina recognition by your phone's camera, voice recognition by its microphone, fingerprint scan by its touch screen or a combination of these. The result would be secure, keyless access to your vehicles, safes, workplace and dwellings.
National, International and Corporate Identification
NFC-enabled devices will be used to store to replace your social security/national identity card, drivers license, employer card and passport, with added security measures in form of biometric scanning. – Social Networking
People will use NFC to exchange personal information with others in social interactions, as well as form personal social networks to share location-based information such as opinions and reviews of others on a business or recreational venue. You can leave your opinion of a place at an RFID tag and other visitors can read it, as well as those left by others, with their NFC-enabled device. NFC-based check-ins at locations can also be used to reward people and offer them services accordingly.
NFC will make playing multiplayer games with someone a breeze, as you will be able to initiate the game simply by bringing the devices close together.
Health and Public Safety
Doctors will be able to use NFC to scan their patients phones for live health statistics such as pulse, blood pressure, body temperature etc, which will be gathered by the patient's device using certain censors. Thus, without directly scanning the bodies of patients and having to keep records of hundreds of patients in their devices, doctors will have quick access to such vital statistics in order to treat them better. This can come especially handy under medical emergencies. Furthermore, patients will be able to use their devices to convey their medical situation at hospital receptions, to be more efficiently and quickly directed to the appropriate department.

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        NFC tags is the outcome of NFC technology. NFC is short for near field communication, it is a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data between two NFC enabled devices. The NFC tags contain small microchips with little antenna which can store a small amount of information for transfer to another NFC device, such as a mobile phone. Our NFC RFID tags printing service can provide you different impressure for you could not only choose your ideal nfc tags from our ready-made mold, but also custom the shape if possible. Moreover, you could encode the NFC tags here at OPrfid.com, it's free of charge.