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- RFID Label With Adhesive
- Self Destructible Label
- RFID Jewelry Label
- UHF Washable Label
- Fragil Anti-tamper Label
- Fabric Laundry Tag
- Polyimide Inlay Tag
- FPC RFID Inlay
- Cartoon RFID Tag
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- Brick Tag (Wedge Tag)
- Flexible RFID Tag
- Mifare Metal Tag
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- High temperature Metal Tag
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- UHF Ceramic Tag
- Long Distance UHF Metal Tag
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- OPD01 Desktop RFID Reader
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- OPD03 Desktop RFID Reader
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- OPD06 Desktop RFID Reader
- OPD07 Desktop RFID Reader
- ISO14443A Reader/Writer
- ISO15693 Reader/Writer
- ACR122U NFC Reader
- ACR38 Smart Card Reader
- OPP9918 Handheld Reader
- OPX10 Handheld Reader
- OPP101 UHF Fixed Reader
- OP401 UHF Fixed Reader
- OP801 UHF Fixed Reader
- OP1601 UHF Fixed Reader
- Industrial Tablet PC
- Industrial PDA OP9908
- 8dpi UHF RFID Reader
- 12dbi UHF RFID Reader
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NXP Product Overview
>> RFID Products >> Passive Contactless Card

Passive RFID Contactless Smart Cards

Passive contactless smart cards use radio frequency (RF) technology to interact with a reader. Each passive RFID card has an antenna embedded inside the card that enables communication with the reader without physical contact. RFID cards
The market for these active RFID cards is growing rapidly because of the obvious benefits of ease of use, speed and versatility. OPRFID.com is well placed to help you source these products creating tremendous new opportunities for issuers.

Popular applications are not limited to but include public transport for fare payment, access control, cashless vending, parking, loyalty, electronic purse, gambling, road toll, student, employee IDs in government and corporate environments, e-passports and other secure travel documents, and cards for cashless payment.

OPRFID.com can help with most of the varying classifications of RFID amongst the major silicon providers such as reader IC's from Atmel, EM Microelectronic, Infineon Technologies, LEGIC Identsystems, Microchip, Philips Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics. Classifications include:
Low Frequencies: below 150 kHz
EM4102, HID, Hi-Tag etc
Smart Contactless Frequency: 13.56 MHz (Multi-Application technology):
Mifare, Legic, Icode etc
Microwave Frequencies: 2.45GHz (Long reading distance):
EM4122, Ucode etc
ISO card Customization Options
Full color offset printing
Silk-screen printing
Silver/Gold silk-screen printing background
Magnetic Stripe Option: 300oe, 2750oe, 4000oe
Barcode printing
Signature panel
EM Microelectronic
EM4102 125 kHz 8 byte (read only)  
EM4105 125 kHz 16 byte 11784, 11785
EM4450 125 kHz 125 byte
EM4550 125 kHz 125 byte
EM4469 125 kHz 64 byte 11784, 11785
EM4569 125 kHz 64 byte
EM4135 13.56 MHz 288 byte 15693, 18000-3
EM4034 13.56 MHz 56 byte 15693
EM4035 Crypto 13.56 MHz 400 byte 15693
EM4122 UHF/2.45 GHz 8 byte (read only)  

Mifare NRG SLE66R35 13.56 MHz 768 byte 14443A
SLE55R04 my-dTM proximity 13.56 MHz 624 byte 14443A
SLE55R16 my-dTM proximity 13.56 MHz 2048 byte 14443A
SRF55V02P my-dTM vicinity 13.56 MHz 256 byte 15693
SRF55V02S my-dTM vicinity 13.56 MHz 256 byte 15693
SRF55V10P my-dTM vicinity 13.56 MHz 1024 byte 15693
SRF55V10S my-dTM vicinity 13.56 MHz 1024 byte 15693
SRF55V01P my-dTM light vicinity 13.56 MHz 52 byte 15693
SRF66V10IT PJM 13.56 MHz 1250 byte 18000-3
SRF66V10ST PJM 13.56 MHz 1250 byte 18000-3

Product Frequency Memory According ISO
advant ATC128-MV210* 13.56 MHz 128 byte 15693
advant ATC256-MV210* 13.56 MHz 256 byte 15693
advant ATC512-MP110* 13.56 MHz 512 byte 14443
advant ATC1024-MV110* 13.56 MHz 1024 byte 15693
advant ATC2048-MP110* 13.56 MHz 2048 byte 14443
Prime MIM256* 13.56 MHz 256 byte
Prime MIM1024* 13.56 MHz 1024 byte  

Mifare Ultralight MF0 IC U1x 13.56 MHz 64 byte 14443A
Mifare Standard MF1 IC S50 13.56 MHz 1024 byte 14443A
Mifare 4K MF1 IC S70 13.56 MHz 4096 byte 14443A
Mifare DESFire MF3 IC D40 13.56 MHz 4096 byte 14443A
Mifare Plus 2K 13.56 MHz 2048 byte 14443A
spacer Mifare Plus 4K 13.56 MHz 4096 byte 14443A
I-Code 1 SL1 IC S30 13.56 MHz 64 byte
I-Code 1 HC SL1 IC S31 13.56 MHz 64 byte
I-Code SL2 IC S20 13.56 MHz 128 byte 15693
I CODE SLI-S SL2 IC S53 13.56 MHz 256 byte 15693
I-Code SLI-S HC SL2 IC S54 13.56 MHz 256 byte 15693
I-Code EPC SL2 IC S10 13.56 MHz 17 byte EPC
I-Code UID SL2 IC S11 13.56 MHz 24 byte EPC
UCode HSL SL3 IC S30 UHF/2.45 GHz 256 byte 18000
UCode EPC 1.19 SL3 IC S31 UHF/2.45 GHz 12 + 32 byte 18000
UCode EPC G2 SL3 IC S10 UHF 64 byte EPC Gen2
HitagTM 1 HT1 IC S30 125 kHz 256 byte
HitagTM 2 HT2 IC S20 125 kHz 32 byte 11784/85
HitagTM 2 HT2 DC20 S20 125 kHz 32 byte 11784/85
HitagTM S HTS IC H32 125 kHz 4 byte (read only)  
HitagTM S HTS IC H56 125 kHz 64 byte 11784/85
HitagTM S HTS IC H48 125 kHz 256 byte 11784/85

Product Frequency Memory According ISO
SRI4K 13.56 MHz 512 byte 14443B
RIX4K 13.56 MHz 512 byte 14443B
SRIX512 13.56 MHz 64 byte 14443B
LRI64 13.56 MHz 8 byte OTP 15693
LRI2K 13.56 MHz 256 byte 15693,18000-3
LRIS2K 13.56 MHz 256 byte 15693,18000-3
CTS 13.56 MHz 256 byte 14443B
XRA00 UHF 16 byte  
XRAG2 UHF 54 byte  
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        RFID Card (credit card size) is the most widely used transponder in the RFID identification and access control applications. The RFID card provides the ideal surface for pre-printing or printing by customers themselves. The RFID Card lamination and printing is the main business of OPrfid.com.RFID cards continue to grow in popularity because of the convenience they offer in security, identification and access control applications, especially door access where fast, hands-free operation is preferred. RFID cards are low in price and commonly used in applications such as identification cards, keycards, payment cards, asset management and public transit fare cards.