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>> RFID Application >> RFID Intelligent Test Paper Management System

Intelligent Test Paper Management System Based on RFID Automatic Identification Technology

In this era of informatization, networking and intelligence, how to use modern technical tools and management means to establish a set of safe and efficient test paper management mechanism and method for China's examination is an urgent issue to be solved in the reform of educational examination. OPRFID test paper tracking management system based on RFID technology establishes a safe and efficient test paper tracking management mechanism to ensure the security, confidentiality and controllability of the whole process of test paper information, provide a fair candidate platform for all candidates, make full use of the advantages of RFID technology and completely change the criticism in the existing management process.

By adopting advanced RFID automatic identification technology and computer software technology, the system takes OPRFID RFID electronic tag as the information storage medium and pastes it on the test paper, stores the detailed information of the test paper in the RFID chip, and uses RFID reading and writing equipment to cooperate with the background database management system to establish the packaging, distribution, transfer station management, test center distribution and collection of the test paper in the circulation process of the test paper, Finally, the whole process information tracking to the marking center ensures the confidentiality and security of the test paper to the greatest extent.

1. System Organization Structure
1.1 Physical layer:
Each physical space layer mainly covers all nodes in the whole process of the test paper process, including printing factory, transfer center, secondary warehouse, examination room, marking center and final storage center. In each node, RFID collects test paper information.
1.2 Acquisition and interaction layer:
It includes various on-site data acquisition and user interaction equipment, including RFID handheld terminal, RFID fixed reader, RFID channel scanning equipment and RFID tags used to identify test paper information. Provide on-site data acquisition, data entry, data upload, etc. Provide real-time field data acquisition for the system.
1.3 Data service layer:
Manage the equipment in the system, collect, cache and filter the collected data, and collect and distribute the control instructions and relevant data. The data service layer runs on the system server in the form of system software service, and provides data services for data and relevant control instructions of user application layer and data acquisition interaction layer.
1.4 Management center:
Provide the computer software user management interactive interface of dispatching management and remote management center for each physical site, and provide report and data query services at the same time. The planning, management control and data monitoring of test paper management are provided by the management center.

2.System function
2.1 RFID tag data initialization
Electronic tag is the basis of the whole RFID system. In the front end, each electronic tag needs to be encoded, and then bound with the test paper to complete the identification of the test paper information by the electronic tag. The information items stored on the test paper label include: identification category, test paper name, test paper number, test paper security level, timeliness, storage method, test paper subject and other specific contents. The RFID printer completes the initialization of the label, issues the card and prints it. At the same time, the barcode information can also be printed on the label.

RFID Intelligent test paper management system
2.2 RFID handhand reader management
RFID handhand reader has the characteristics of convenient operation and flexible use. At the same time, the reader with thingmagic module as the core has the advantages of high-volume, dense and multi label accurate inventory. It can be used for occasions where the number of single reading is not particularly large, such as some transit stations and examination rooms. Using RFID handhand reader, you can count, check and distribute test papers conveniently and quickly. At the same time, RFID handhand reader has friendly interface and simple operation.

Handheld RFID Reader Terminal
2.3 Scanning channel identification
The scanning channel has the characteristics of accurate and automatic identification in a single large batch. It has stronger relative reading ability, faster reading speed and higher efficiency. Therefore, the RFID scanning and identification channel is suitable for deployment in sites with huge daily sunrise and inflow, such as the general warehouse or the central warehouse, which can count and check the test paper information efficiently and easily.
3. Application benefit
The intelligent test paper management system based on RFID technology will greatly improve the efficiency of test paper management, not only the speed, but also the accuracy of inventory and check. The test paper counting through RFID can not only accurately grasp the number of test papers, but also grasp the type of test papers and the location information of real-time circulation, so as to realize the tasks that can hardly be completed by manual counting.
The application of intelligent test paper management system is a comprehensive application of multiple RFID technologies, which not only provides more efficient and accurate management means for the daily management of staff, but also provides more fair and just data support for the examination platform, avoids the hidden dangers caused by human errors, but also reduces the cost of test paper management and can play an important social significance. The intelligent test paper management system maximizes the application value of RFID technology in test paper management, and realizes the real "digital, information and intelligent" test paper management.

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