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NXP Product Overview
>> Smart Label and Tag ICS >> ICODE SLIX2


The ICODE® SLIX2 IC is the newest member of NXP®'s SLIX product family. The chip is fully backwards compatible to SLIX and offers an increased user memory size, along with new outstanding features and performance:

NXP originality signature
Increased speed for Inventory management
Increased reading range
Increased robustness against detuning effects
2.5 kbit user memory size
Flexible user memory segmentation with separate access conditions
Password protected on chip service cycle counter
Contactless energy and data transfer
Whenever connected to a very simple and easy-to-produce type of antenna (as a result of the 13.56 MHz carrier frequency) made out of a few windings printed, winded, etched or punched coil, the ICODE SLIX2 IC can be operated without line of sight up to a distance of 1.5 m (gate width). No battery is needed. When the smart label is positioned in the field of an interrogator antenna, the high speed RF communication interface enables data to be transmitted up to 53 kbit/s.

An intelligent anticollision function enables several tags to operate in the field simultaneously. The anticollision algorithm selects each tag individually and ensures that the execution of a transaction with a selected tag is performed correctly without data corruption resulting from other tags in the field.

Security and privacy aspects
Unique IDentifier (UID):
The UID cannot be altered and guarantees the uniqueness of each label.

Originality signature:
32 byte ECC based originality signature.

Password protected memory management (Read/Write access):
The user memory can be segmented into two pages and the access rights for read/write access can be defined for each of them. This ensures that only authorized users get read/write access to the protected parts of the user memory (anti counterfeiting). READMULTIPLE BLOCK and (FAST) INVENTORY READ are compatible to ICODE SLI and ICODE SLIX.

Password protected Label Destroy:
The 32-bit Destroy password enables an addressed label to be destroyed with the DESTROY SLIX2 command. That status is irreversible and the label will never respond to any command again.

Password protected Privacy Mode:
The 32-bit Privacy password enables a label to be set to the Privacy mode with the ENABLE PRIVACY command. In this mode the label will not respond to any command except the command GET RANDOM NUMBER, until it next receives the correct Privacy password. This mode is especially designed to meet the increasing demand to take care of the customers privacy.

Password protected EAS and AFI functionality:
The 32-bit EAS/AFI password enables the addressed label to be set in a mode where the EAS status, the EAS ID and/or the AFI value can only be changed if the correct EAS/AFI password needs to be transmitted before with the SET PASSWORD command.

16 bit counter:
The last block of the user memory provides a special feature - the 16 bit counter. The counter can be increased by one with a WRITE command (optionally password protected by the read password). The counter can be reset to an initial value with the write password.

ICODE® SLIX2 RF interface (ISO/IEC 15693)
Contactless transmission of data and supply energy (no battery needed)
Operating distance: up to 1.5 m (depending on antenna geometry)
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz (ISM, world-wide licence freely available)
Fast data transfer: up to 53 kbit/s
High data integrity: 16-bit CRC, framing
True anticollision
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
Application Family Identifier (AFI) supported
Data Storage Format Identifier (DSFID)
ENABLE PRIVACY command with 32-bit Privacy password
DESTROY SLIX2 command with 32-bit Destroy password
Additional fast anticollision read
Persistent quiet mode to enable faster inventory speed
Write distance equal to read distance
2560 bits user memory, organized in 80 blocks of 4 bytes each (last block reserved for counter feature)
50 years data retention
Write endurance of 100000 cycles
Unique identifier for each device (8 byte)
32 byte originality signature
Lock mechanism for each user memory block (write protection)
Lock mechanism for DSFID, AFI, EAS
Password (32-bit) protected memory management for Read access
Password (32-bit) protected memory management for Write access
Password (32-bit) protected Label Destroy
Password (32-bit) protected Privacy Mode
Password (32-bit) protected EAS and AFI functionality
16 bit counter (optionally password protected with the read and write password)
Target Applications
Item level tagging in pharmaceutical supply chains
Counterfeit protection for consumer goods
Industrial applications
Asset and document tracking


* Any question or inquiry about RFID card and RFID related products, please send email to info@oprfid.com, we will reply you within 24 hours, thanks

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    The ICODE SLIX2 proximity contactless card is widely used the third generation of RFID technology comply with RF interface ISO 15693 which provides long-range wireless read/write capability. The maximal read/write distance between ICODE SLIX2 smart card and reader is 1.5m, but actual distance depends on the field power generated by the reader and its antenna size. It is a great solution for access control, identification etc.