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>> RFID Technology News >> Scratch Off Cards

Scratch Off Cards

A scratch-off is often a special silver coating placed on your thing that could be scratched off and away to reveal any sort of information. Adding a part of surprise, a scratch-off can produce a fun and fascinating addition to discount cards, reward cards, gift cards or loyalty cards. You identify the location and data you wish to cover, usually some type of variable data, like a Flag with a card.

Scratch off cards key applications:
-Fundraisers: Supporter purchases a scratch off ticket for $1 to $5 then rubs off the foil to find out what, or maybe, they win.
-Trivia Games: Participants get yourself a certain discount when they choose the proper solution to the trivia question.
-Direct Mail Campaigns: Send fun advertising mailers with scratch off coupons or possibly a contest element to win a prize that is certainly redeemed with a store location.
-On the Net: Print on plastic or on cover stock which has a scratch off that reveals the quantity.
-Giveaways and Contests: Create match and win or just scratch to determine winner cards for special promotions.

Plastic scratch off cards are employed by Internet service providers, gaming companies, FMCG companies for assorted uses. They are plastic scratch cards that are firm and capable to overcome minimal pressures. Customized printing and sizes may be availed from us even as we are PVC scratch manufacturers.

Key feature of barcode card:
-Size :85.60x53.98mm or customized
-Material: PVC, PET, paper and so on
-Thickness:0.5mm/0.76mm ect
-Matt/glossy finished
Printing options:
-Full color printing(CMYK or PMS)
-Silk-screen printing
-Magnetic stripe (HICO/LOCO)
-Thermal number, laser number, UV number
-UV logo
-Silver/Gold hot stamping
-Signature panel (white/transparent)
-Barcode (code 39, code 128, EAN13, UPC-A barcode ect)
-scratch off tickets
-phone cards
-game cards

* Oprfid.com is a professional RFID card and NFC tags manufacturer in China. We can provides many types of RFID cards, RFID tag and smart card with various frequency in different shapes. Any inquiry, please send email to info@oprfid.com, thanks!

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