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>> News :: RFID technology in the smart card application extensions

Application of RFID technology is a smart card applications, smart card, also known as integrated circuit card or IC card, it is an integrated circuit chip set in the plastic substrate, encapsulated into card form. RFID smart card is a kind of non-contact IC card. Has small volume, large capacity, long life and reusable, etc, can support fast read and write, non-visual recognition, mobile recognition, target recognition, location and tracking management for a long time. IC card is made by Motorola in 1977 and one of its computer customer cooperation has developed the world's first smart CARDS, since then, smart card on the thin and small volume, advanced integrated circuit chip technology, could not be deciphered in popular and the characteristics of imitation, and obtained the unprecedented development throughout the world. At present, all kinds of smart CARDS are increasingly used in various fields of national economy and go deep into the daily life of the inhabitants.

The structure and function of IC card is introduced
RFID smart card mainly consists of antenna, rf interface, micro control unit. Including each component of the module and its functions are as follows: Antenna: used to receive RFID read-write device sends a signal, and the data information back to the RFID read-write device. Rf interface circuit: mainly includes waveform converter, modulator/demodulator, rectifiers, voltage regulator, oscillators, etc. Modulation waveform converter receives a read/write device of radio signals, on the one hand give modulation/demodulation module, waveform conversion on the other hand, the sine wave is converted to a square wave, and then the rectifier filter, composed of voltage regulation module for voltage for further processing, such as voltage, final output supply the card the working circuit. Oscillator generates high frequency signal used for modulation/demodulation and micro control unit of the clock signal. Micro control unit: a smart card recognition and execution of the instruction to read and write. Including the request response unit, logic control unit, data encryption, collision unit

IC card read-write principle
RFID read-write device for RFID smart CARDS to launch a set of fixed frequency electromagnetic wave, the electromagnetic wave, under the stimulus of RFID smart card within the LC resonant circuit to produce resonance, so that the capacitor with the charge, in this capacity, on the other side of the joint has a single to the electric pump, the charge to another within the capacitor capacitance stored, when accumulated charge to 2 v, the capacitance can be used as power supply provides the voltage for other circuits, will launch out or receive RFID card data read and write device data. By providing the voltage and emission data, and take the realization of the data become the RFID technology in the modern life the most close to the life, change life.

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