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>> RFID Technology News >> RFID help milan malpensa airport to complete the maintenance work

RFID help milan malpensa airport to complete the maintenance work

Application of NFC tags for tens of thousands of items, equipment maintenance workers NFC mobile phones, milan malpensa airport, according to reports in Italy that makes maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment faster and more effective. Airport installed rfid solutions to manage the maintenance of the facilities in 2012. Said, after that, milan malpensa Dolci stefano's senior project director, airport automatically know each repair or maintenance request to stay from a lighting unit plane boarding bridge and its state at any given moment.

Solution, called CAM (short for C ontrollo anutentive delle a ttivita m, it is converted into maintenance activities control) provide RFID 360 airport and labels, as well as software management read data collected. Since the deployment began a year ago, by a total of 50000 passive malpensa NFC rfid tags - need to repair for each object or area, including fire extinguisher, bathroom, sidewalks and elevators, electrical panel.

Like most airport, malpensa have complex environment, tens of thousands of service telephone is by the relevant repair, maintenance or replacement of equipment each year. In order to deal with these voices, airport will depend on the army of 600 workers, by internal personnel and third party service providers. To manage all these workers and their homework every day, Dolci said, is a huge task.

Airport use rfid automation processing luggage was received passengers and routed to the appropriate aircraft. Using 1.3 million airport epc gen 2 passive high - frequency (uhf) rfid baggage tags per year, automated the process and make sure that each bag to the correct plane. By reading the label for each bag and the connection, the data assigned to its flight, Dolci, explains malpensa has been able to eliminate manual labor before must ensure that the luggage label barcode scans correctly, baggage is a corresponding routing in mobile conveyor. The rfid baggage handling system was installed in 2007 (see milan malpensa airport for rfid baggage handling). Because the system is 99.95% accurate reading rate, Dolci said, "we don't need to manual workers, and our rate is very low." before the rfid system installation, the speed is in 3, and 4 bags, every 10000 handle but with rfid, he reported, the rate is less than a bag / 10000.

Recently, airport, hope to have an automated solution to manage the maintenance, repair and cleaning staff. High frequency rfid tag and passive NFC installed in equipment and other objects in the airport, the staff can use NFC enabled mobile phone or tablet to read tags, so as to create a record of service is provided, and any anomalies (such as identifying another must solve the problem, or a component needs to be ordered).

According to weirich, RFID360 CEO, his company has provided rfid solutions for about five years, first in the medical market, allowing employees to login system and identify steps they complete at the same time taking care of the patients in the family. About two years ago, he says, the airport approached the company looking for NFC solutions track maintenance activities.

The solution contains a variety of NFC rfid RFID360 provide label, Ricky said, many of the size and form factor, is affixed to objects of different sizes. RFID360 design some manufacturers in China producing labels and hire a third party. RFID360 software stored in the server of the airport, it is responsible for managing all the read data, and store the details with each label, indicating equipment types, it is attached, as well as its maintenance records and requirements. In some cases, the software also alerts to manage the job as expected is not complete, based on the default request a specific project.
If an employee came across a piece of equipment, abnormal operation, such as the bathroom faucet or light, workers to tap his or her mobile phone against the label associated with the project. This phone has a RFID360 application load, seized the label id number and forwarding information software resides in the server of the airport. The software then labeling program and create a service request.

Airport managers think that software and routes the requests to the appropriate service provider is a process, it usually takes less than a minute to complete. Airport, by contrast, the lack of systems often have to rely on workers to fill out a written maintenance or maintenance request, and submit their manager the last shift. Manager, and then forward the request to the airport management, in turn, this can take 24 hours.

Repair items arrived, one of the workers tap against his or her phone label and follow the steps in a drop-down menu display are performing work. Another faucet, once completed, employees usually means that the problem has been resolved.

Label is cleaner. An NFC tags, for example, is hanging on the wall of a toilet. Employees using their mobile phone against the labels when they start to work, one time. If a worker found a problem, such as non-working faucet, single input information, after the software to transfer service requests to the appropriate service provider.

Usually, Dolci says, once the service request is sent to a worker by mobile phone, the man was 15 minutes response by reading the tags field. If he or she doesn't respond within the allotted time, the alarm can be displayed in the software or sent to the management.

For scenario, a series of steps must be completed, such as smoke detector in the inspectors, read the label first, and then view the list of steps, they must be chosen in mobile phone touch screen and complete assigned tasks.

If the government inspectors want to check the status and the status of the equipment at the airport, they escorted the airport staff are equipped with mobile phones. Worker read tags of any equipment, inspectors, and stop a record of each item of manufacturing date and maintenance or inspection history.

"We are very glad that technology," added Dolci condition and malpensa intends to continue adding functional system. Airports, for example, plans to allow users access to vocal music instruction, will make their efforts to read the instructions on the screen. The system will also be based on data warehouse, so the user (such as electric repair workers do in a closet) can be viewed in his or her phone if spare parts can be in the airport warehouse, put in a request.

In the next year, gingrich said milan Linate, a sister, will also to malpensa airport began to use the technology to track maintenance.

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