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NXP Product Overview
>> News :: The application of RFID technology in asset management

System introduction:

For some units or organization with a large number of assets management requirements, assets has a large number, wide distribution and frequent changes, current asset management by using the traditional manual management methods and means, data collection and input has been a manual operation, low efficiency, error rate is high, and physical information assets and information management system can't real-time synchronization.As a new information acquisition technology, RFID technology through the information transmission and information processing technology, the combination of daily management activities and assets management system can be effectively integrated together, so as to achieve physical information is consistent with the system information in real time synchronization, in order to realize the real-time automatic monitoring equipment centralization of instruments and meters, assets management purposes.

System function:

1, the basic function
Asset management, including new, transfers, idle assets, scrap, maintenance, inventory and other operations, it contains the equipment from the factory put into use to scrap out of the whole process of using.
Equipment purchase will be from staff on assets equipped with electronic labels, tags onto its of bar code, name, equipment type, use department, date of purchase, the information such as price, and asset information recorded within the central server.Equipment become namely buy assets, put into use after there will be a normal allocation, maintenance and exit use operation, every time flow from using or warehouses, speaking, reading and writing device reads to the electronic tag information on assets, and the label information by radio (3 g/WiFi) transmission to the central server backstage management system, complete track of asset management.

2, the working principle of the system

RFID read-write device working state controlled by door sensors, when the door is open the drive amplifiers, can communicate and assets carried by electronic tags.When there is a electronic tags into the scope of recognition and has been read, by sound and light hint and LED display shows total number of labels, told staff asset information has been to identify and wirelessly sent to the background management system.
Each asset has a unique ID number and store the corresponding assets related information of the electronic label, when identifying the assets into the RFID antenna area, read and write device to obtain information about the assets, confirm and upload the asset information in real time to the RFID system server, the server to the corresponding data format conversion, filter and related follow-up after treatment to send asset management system, as the other system data statistics, query functions such as data source, in the daily management of assets change information of the real-time monitoring, recording and updated automatically
The system characteristics
Automatic identification of the application system is using the latest international technology, radio frequency identification technology (RFID Card), using the modern computer technology, wireless transmission technology, automatic control technology in various fields such technology to automatically identify the assets and information technology, intelligent management.
1, the whole system has quickly identify over a long distance, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy to operate, easy to expand, etc.Asset recognition system can run independently, not depend on other systems.
2, to establish a safe and reliable certified asset files, by high and new technology to strengthen assets supervision, reasonable allocate resources, reduce waste of resources, prevent loss of assets.
3, from the perspective of professional and technical research problem, really solve the disorder of asset management, the real-time performance of the problem.Provides an automatic identification of in and out of the assets, the intelligent management of advanced, reliable and applicable digital platform, the real-time dynamic management of internal assets the company's ability to get on.
4, make full use of the RFID automatic acquisition and GPRS wireless remote transmission function, the realization of assets change information in accordance with system information in real time, and USES the SMS alarm to remind function, organic will daily work closely together with the IT system, effectively for the workflow implementation by the backend system of real-time monitoring and records, make the management staff in the office can timely understand the asset allocation and usage.

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