Jcop Card&Java Card
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- LF 125KHz Card
- HF 13.56Mhz Card
- UHF 860-960Mhz Card
- Rewritbale Surface Card
- RFID Wood Card
- Cashless payment systems
- RFID Blocking Cards
- RFID Keyfob
- RFID Wristbands
- Animal Tag
- RFID Epoxy card
- Laundry tag
- Anti-Metal Label
- RFID Tire tag
- RFID Coin tag/Disc tag
- RFID Label with adhesive
- Self Destructible label
- RFID Jewelry Label
- UHF Washable Label
- Fragil anti-tamper label
- Mifare Metal Tag
- PI(Polyimide) Inlay,PI Tag
- FPC RFID Inlay
- Cartoon RFID Tag
- RFID Security Seals
- Brick Tag (Wedge Tag)
UHF Metal Tag
- Flexible UHF metal Label
- High temperature UHF Metal tag
- FR4 UHF metal Tag
- Mini UHF metal Tag
- UHF Ceramic tag
- Long Distance UHF Metal Tag
- Fabric laundry tag
Smart Card
- Contact IC card
- Java Card/JCOP card
- EMTG97-3 Card
RFID Inlay
- RFID Prelam sheet
- RFID Inlay
- HF Inlay & Antenna
- UHF Inlay & Antenna
- NFC Smart Ring
RFID Reader
- ISO14443A Reader/writer
- ISO15693 reader/Writer
- ACR122U NFC reader
- ACR38 Smart card reader
- Android Handheld Reader
- UHF Handheld Reader
- OP2000 Handheld Reader
- OP3000 Handheld Reader
- OP4000 Android PAD
- OP5000U Handheld Reader
- OP4050 Q4 Handheld Reader
- Industrial Tablet PC
- Industrial PDA OP9908
Plastic Card
Cleaning card
NXP Product Overview
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            A smart card is a small plastic card containing a computer chip. People use smart cards along with personal identification numbers (PINs) to log on to a network, a computer, or a device. Using a smart card is more secure than using a password because it's more difficult for someone to steal a smart card and learn your PIN than to learn your password.Smart cards are generally issued by information technology (IT) departments in large organizations. To use a smart card, you also need a smart card reader—a device that’s installed in or connected to your computer and that can read the information stored on a smart card.