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>> RFID System Solution >> RFID Intelligent Forklift System Solution

RFID Intelligent Forklift System Solution

With the increasing degree of storage automation, the requirements for various operation links are also higher and higher. For example, the use of forklift, the original way depends on the recognition and memory of artificial eyes, which is inevitably full of loopholes. With the improvement of storage intelligence, installing RFID reader on forklift to improve recognition accuracy and efficiency has become a necessary option.
Opirfid technology adopts RFID forklift transformation, which can quickly locate and track goods in the warehouse.

RFID Intelligent Forklift

RFID Intelligent Forklift Solution Scheme Introduction
RFID forklift modification is to install integrated RFID reader, antenna and industrial terminal on the forklift to realize that the forklift can automatically identify the location information and goods information in the warehouse. The forklift operator can connect with the system in real time on the industrial terminal, so as to improve the efficiency of warehouse management, reduce the work intensity of operators and prevent operation errors. Forklift is changing from a handling tool to an intelligent operation terminal. As forklifts are special vehicles, there are special requirements for RFID equipment installed on them. Firstly, integrated RFID readers are installed at the front end, and the communication with industrial tablets must be wireless; Secondly, because the wiring is inconvenient, the power supply of integrated RFID reader and writer needs its own battery; Thirdly, due to the particularity of forklift work, integrated RFID readers, antennas and accessories must be strong and stable enough.
RFID Intelligent Forklift Solution Main Process Design
RFID forklift is mainly used in warehousing, outbound, warehouse transfer and other links.
1. Warehousing management
Log in to the system before warehousing. When the forklift picks up the goods, the reader on the forklift purchases the goods information, and the system automatically assigns the warehouse location information to be warehoused. The specific process is as follows:
1.1 enter the warehousing system;
1.2 pick up by forklift;
1.3 read passive RFID tags information, and the system automatically assigns location information;
1.4 forklift workers find the corresponding warehouse location according to the assigned warehouse location information;
1.5 read the location label. If the location information is correct, the on-board computer will prompt that the location information is correct and release the goods;
1.6 manual confirmation: if the warehouse location is wrong, the on-board computer will prompt the wrong warehouse location information, and the goods will not be released temporarily. Manual assistance will be provided to find out the reason.
2. Outbound operation
Log in to the system before delivery, and the system will prompt the corresponding location to reduce the time of manual location search. The specific process is as follows:
2.1 enter the outbound system;
According to the delivery list, the system will automatically prompt relevant location information;
According to the location information, manually find the corresponding location RFID, read the cargo information and location information at the same time, pick up the goods and confirm manually;
2.2 RFID access control;
The system automatically collects the forklift goods and judges whether the outbound goods are correct. If so, the outbound is completed.
3. Warehouse transfer
3.1 when the delivery of a batch of goods out of the warehouse is nearing the end, the inventory is small, or when the warehousing notice of the next batch of goods is received, it is necessary to move the warehouse;
3.2 send the warehouse transfer list through the management system and the forklift terminal for comparison;
3.3 quickly and accurately confirm the delivery content.
4. Goods preparation
According to the customer's order requirements or distribution plan, quickly and accurately pick the goods from their storage or other locations, and carry out classification and centralized operation in a certain way. Sorting operation generally requires that the type and quantity of goods in the order meet certain standards, which accounts for 20% of all outbound orders.

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