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>> RFID Knowledge >> What is Key Card

What is Key Card?

    A key card is a card with a magnetic strip that is inserted into a locking device to unlock a certain door or group of doors. These cards often look much like credit cards, with the same size and shape, along with the magnetic strip along the back side. They are most often used in settings where different levels of security are needed or where locks may need to be changed frequently.
    Most people are familiar with a key card from a stay at a hotel. Indeed, their popularity means that they have replaced nearly all standard locks and keys at hotels in the United States and many other parts of the world. Still, this is not the only application in which they are used.
    The card is also used to provide different levels of security. For example, if one worker has access to one part of a building but not another, there are several ways that could be handled. In the past, workers with extensive access would likely need to carry several keys — one for each level. A key card could be encoded for access at different levels, eliminating the need for multiple keys.
    Some who have received a key card at a hotel or other business may be suspicious that the card may hold personal information, such as names and credit card numbers. This is not true, according to John Sileo, an identity theft expert. He notes that the only information usually put on a card is the name, room number, and perhaps a partial address of the guest. All other information, such as the guests' financial information, is kept in a separate database.
    In fact, is is thought that this type of security may actually be an enhancement for privacy. Traditional hotel keys usually came with a room number engraved on the key or at least attached to a tag. Anyone who gained possession of the key would have a room number as well. Key cards do not have a room number, but rather usually come in a sleeve with the room number on it, which can be separated from the card. In addition, they can quickly be deactivated when they are lost or if the guest checks out.
    When a guest is given card keys at a hotel, they have been run through a programming machine that inputs information onto the magnetic strip. This software then sends information to the locking mechanism, which sets a specific time for the key to work. Usually, it will deactivate on the checkout day at or near the checkout time. Those wanting to extend their stay will likely need a new card with new information. Programming is a relatively quick and simple process, so the inconvenience is minimized.

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    We provide high quality RFID Key Cards which is a newer technology in the hospitality industry. RFID Key Cards make it easier for the guest to use, as they are contact-less – just wave the RFID key card in front of the lock to open the door. The RFID Key Cards are more expensive than traditional magnetic stripe cards, but the user convenience and longer life / less maintenance is why many hotels are going this route. We also supply RFID wristbands and RFID Key Fobs which allow the guest to carry their "key" with them anywhere they go in style!