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>> RFID Application >> Detailed RFID Warehouse Management System Solutions

Detailed RFID Warehouse Management System Solutions

     As the most central technology in the Internet of Things, RFID is also the most widely used in warehousing logistics supply chain management. Use RFID for warehouse management, realize automatic identification, information sharing and tracking, greatly improve operational efficiency in warehouse management and inventory use, and the data collected from the use of RFID is analyzed and processed by the platform, Complete the business insight of warehouse management and complete the visual management of RFID warehouse management.
Radio frequency identification is RFID technology, also known as electronic tag, radio frequency identification, is a communication technology that can identify specific objects and read and write related data through radio signals without the need to establish mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and specific objects. RFID is used in warehouse management, which is the most widely used and mature application of RFID technology. A label is attached to each item to record the properties of the material, and combined with the reader, it can be used for fast entry and exit, automatic sorting, and efficient inventory.
The primary advantage of an RFID warehouse management system over other types of identification systems (barcode identification) is its touchless data collection and RFID tag read/write operations. High recognition rate, strong adaptability, resistance to light, temperature, humidity, dust, grease, and chemical reagents are also the reasons why RFID warehouse management systems are particularly suitable for use in special environments of various industries. Now many smart factory projects will build a smart storage system, and the current storage system relies on RFID tag technology, combined with 3D technology, to manage and monitor the entire warehouse capacity; Collect and process.
Due to the subdivision of the industry, the individual requirements for the use of RFID in the warehouse management of each enterprise are diversified. Each enterprise has different scales and different transaction methods, and the requirements for RFID are very different. Even the same enterprise has different operations. All have their own characteristics and put forward various demands on RFID. The oriented environment is divided into: product environment, warehousing environment for logistics and distribution, environment for raw materials and semi-finished products, and circulation and distribution environment.
Under the background of today's RFID technology application, how to choose a suitable and more cost-effective RFID warehouse management system, it can not only meet the specific needs and the scalability of future business, but also save the overall cost of ownership, from the satisfaction of the current need. Combining its own experience and the situation of the industry, LittleBee believes that the primary evaluation criteria are: system architecture; RFID operating frequency; moderate distance and accuracy; read and write speed; security considerations; storage capacity of RFID tags; multi-tag reading together Write capability; the encapsulation method of the label.
1. Gather demand and tailor it.
Before implementing the RFID system, an enterprise must organize and analyze its own needs in combination with the enterprise itself, and solve the problem through the use of RFID technology, rather than for the RFID warehouse management system. When LittleBee provides RFID-related services to customers, it finds that many companies do not have formal IT departments and more professional talents in related fields, often their own needs are not clear, and there is not even a document of needs, only verbally put forward some need. We recommend that any enterprise should gather its own needs during the construction of informatization, clearly understand the effect of using the technology, and have a more adequate preparation.
2. Import RFID technology in a business-oriented manner.
The use of technology must be connected with the industry and personalized process of the enterprise itself. This can only be targeted when the RFID warehouse management system is introduced. It can be said to be tailored. In the modern setting, any occupation will be subdivided in various sections of the occupation, showing more personalized needs. The development of this situation, all enterprises are undergoing transformation, is both an opportunity and a challenge. How to choose a correct direction, tailoring suits the current business process of the enterprise, only based on the business characteristics of our enterprise and recognize the true nature of the use of technology, RFID will more fully reflect their value.
3. Satisfy today's needs and support future development.
The market is changing rapidly, and companies have to make one-by-one decisions based on this change. You will find that many of the advantages that we were proud of before no longer exist. Especially in the new market environment, we need to abide by our core values, constantly change the strategy and operation method of the company, and catch up with the pace of the market. When the RFID system is introduced, it must be forward-looking. It can not only meet the needs of today, but also have rich scalability, and maintain the advanced nature of the use of skills.
Today, RFID is developing in the direction of intelligence, specialization and integration, and it is more closely integrated with professional use. In the future, there will be many applications that can be integrated on terminal equipment, which is an important development direction in the future. Don't blindly seek low cost, you should consider more comprehensive and forward-looking.
RFID warehouse management is a management module that many enterprises have. With the development of informatization, various management software and hardware continue to emerge as the times require. The method of using barcode or two-dimensional code to code goods, shelves, pallets, etc. has become the mainstream at present. . However, for more convenient and efficient management, RFID technology has gradually entered people's vision. How to use RFID to improve the efficiency of warehouse management has become a problem that is not short in the industry.

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