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>> RFID Knowledge >> What Substances Will Affect the Performance of RFID UHF Electronic Tags?

What Substances Will Affect the Performance of RFID Electronic Tags?

With the rapid development of passive RFID technology, the application range of Electronic tag makes it have different market competitiveness compared with other similar products, but it is easy to be affected by external factors under special circumstances.
Influencing factor 1: Metal Substances
For a long time, RFID inventory management mode has only helped those enterprises that are "easy to use RFID", but turned away those companies whose inventory is mostly metal items. That is because the metal will also cause additional parasitic capacitance (i.e. energy loss caused by electromagnetic "friction" caused by the metal), resulting in the detuning of RFID UHF reader and electronic tag antenna and damaging the performance of the system.
Finally, the energy reflected by the metal will form interference between RFID electronic tag and RFID UHF reader. Therefore, the application of RFID technology in the environment with more metal materials will greatly reduce the actual RFID reading and writing rate, reading and writing distance and reliability, which is far lower than the results of trial in the laboratory environment. Of course, interference can also be overcome in reasonable system design and operation.
Recently, with the rapid development of passive RFID technology, the RFID function of embedded RFID electronic tag in the production stage makes it have different market competitiveness compared with other similar products.
Some applications of embedded RFID anti metal tag
The military and law enforcement agencies must accurately calculate the number of weapons in stock. There are many purposes to grasp the inventory of guns in real time, one of which is to ensure that personnel have the correct equipment, and the other is to grasp the inventory at any time (items are misplaced or stolen). When the equipment needs regular maintenance, each record must be saved, including the maintenance process that must be carried out, the completed maintenance process, etc.
Managers can track and manage RFID embedded weapons in real time and independently. It can not only know the number of weapons sent for repair, but also know the inventory surplus in real time to ensure whether any weapons are lost. This information can prevent unnecessary orders. More importantly, once the weapons are found missing, the management organization can start the search action at the first time.
Some large companies need to often rent or purchase capital equipment, such as laptops, wireless routers and other it related items. With the help of RFID access control and carts with RFID function, they can record the changes in the number of assets every quarter in real time. This real-time information visibility also reflects the enterprise's real-time return on investment, and changes the company's inventory management unit time from days to hours.
Common tools, ranging from hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tapes to large equipment such as generators, electric drills and cranes, are usually leased to construction companies after the company purchases these equipment, with the project of the construction company as a lease term. Therefore, the inventory information of equipment leasing companies is very important. This information will change randomly and be widely distributed, which makes inventory counting a major challenge. The loss of large equipment will bring business losses to the company. Although the price of small tools is not very expensive, if they are lost or stolen, they will also generate corporate liabilities.
Influencing factor 2: Liquid
RFID signals in UHF band will not only be reflected by metal, but also be absorbed by water.
For example, our human body is an excellent barrier for RFID RF signals, because we have a lot of salt water in our body. The interference from metal also disturbs the RFID RF signal, which has become a major challenge for RFID supply chain management, especially in the operating environment with more metal and liquid components.
RFID RF reader antenna has the function of absorbing RFID energy, and metal will cause eddy current around RFID tag reader, which reduces the overall efficiency of RFID electromagnetic field. These vortices also cause their own magnetic fields perpendicular to the metal surface, which will make the reader / writer area effective.

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